The service tool ST-4905 is a little different from the previous one, you will need a license key to use it and we will send you all of the necessary information to run this software by email after we have received your payment. The shipment we will done by email, please make sure you use a working email where you can receive the files.

The license can be purchase in our store, please follow this link:
Canon Tool Service ST-4905 License

Trying to run the ST-4906 without the license, you will receive an error indicating that you need  a license to use the program. This error will also provide a “Machine ID” that you will need to send to us in order to issue the corresponding license to your printer.

Your “machine ID" will be automatically copied to the Windows clipboard and you will have to paste these digits at the time of the purchase of the license in our store. A box that you have to file up will appears just like the one shown in the image below.

After pasting the "Machine ID" add the product to the cart and follow the instructions, we accept payments with credit / debit cards and PayPal; if you need help or do not have any of the payment methods mentioned above please contact us and we will work with you to find a solution.