The 16-digit license that you will receive by email after making the payment can only be used once. However you will still be able to use the WIC Reset program for free to perform functions such as:

  • Cleaning the printhead
  • Reading or writing the serial number
  • Reading or writing the USB port
  • Reading or writing the printhead
  • Do EEPROM storage
  • Printing a page test
  • Checking the hoses
  • Getting the team information

When the program is already installed, it will be easy to buy the license for a second time, in the top left part of the program page you will see an option saying “buy key” of the two option available in the drop-down menu. Select the one you need, 1. Buy reset key or 2. Buy firmware key.

You will automatically be redirected to our page where you can purchase the license just like the did the first time. Then, you will receive an email with the link to download the program but it is not necessary to download it, you can just copy and paste the license where it is required by the program to perform the reset of the waste ink pads, you must correctly follow the instructions and if you have any question, please contact us by leaving a comment.