When you download the file to reset the printer "adjustment program", it will usually be compressed in the Zip or Winrar format. To see the files and later install the program, you will need to unzip the folder where the adjustment program is located to be able to have access to all the parts needed for the adjustment process in this folder.

Below are the steps needed to unzip an Adjustment Program.

Download the program to unzip the folder:

You will need to use a program to see what files are in the folder, we will recommend you to download the 7-Zip, it is completely free and fast to download, click here to go to the manufacturer's page and get the 7-Zip. You must select the version of the operating system that you are using. If you need to know what version of Windows you use, visit the following blog post.

When you download the program you must install it, follow the installation instructions until the process is completed, once the installation is completed all the files that are compressed will be compatible, if you need to know how to use the program you can visit the manufacturer's page and read the instructions.

How to use the 7-Zip to unzip a folder from the Adjustment Program

If you have already downloaded the program, after installing the 7-Zip go to the folder that you could not open before, with just a right click you will able to access it now, see what's inside the folder, extract the complete folder or remove all the files to install the adjustment program.

It is advisable to use extract to (folder name), in this way you will not have all the files of the program separated, a folder will be created where all the files that were previously compressed.

Inside the new folder, you will find everything needed to run the program, follow the instructions on how to run the program adjustment by visiting the following website, if you have any questions just leave a comment below.